The Women of Troy

The Women of Troy


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Following her bestselling, critically acclaimed The Silence of the Girls, Pat Barker continues her extraordinary retelling of one of our greatest myths.
'Myth for a MeToo age. Pat Barker returns to Homer in this gory but unexpectedly uplifting novel' Sunday Times

Troy has fallen. The Greeks have won their bitter war. They can return home as victors - all they need is a good wind to lift their sails. But the wind has vanished, the seas becalmed by vengeful gods, and so the warriors remain in limbo - camped in the shadow of the city they destroyed, kept company by the women they stole from it.

The women of Troy.

Helen - poor Helen. All that beauty, all that grace - and she was just a mouldy old bone for feral dogs to fight over.

Cassandra, who has learned not to be too attached to her own prophecies. They have only ever been believed when she can get a man to deliver them.

Stubborn Amina, with her gaze still fixed on the ruined towers of Troy, determined to avenge the slaughter of her king.

Hecuba, howling and clawing her cheeks on the silent shore, as if she could make her cries heard in the gloomy halls of Hades. As if she could wake the dead.

And Briseis, carrying her future in her womb: the unborn child of the dead hero Achilles. Once again caught up in the disputes of violent men. Once again faced with the chance to shape history.

Masterful and enduringly resonant, ambitious and intimate, The Women of Troy continues Pat Barker's extraordinary retelling of one of our greatest classical myths, following on from the critically acclaimed The Silence of the Girls.

'Readers turn to Barker's novels for their plain truths and clear-eyed sense of our history and creation stories. But the sombre clarity of her writing is offset by a luminous wisdom' Sunday Times

'The Women Of Troy's immediate beauty is its accessibility and Barker's precise, elegant writing' Metro

'Barker has always looked on the world with the combination of a cold eye and a sympathetic understanding. Her characterisation is sharp, her sympathy deep' ipaper

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    The Women of Troy Reviews

  • jessica

    another great book to add to my greek mythology retellings bookshelf and a wonderful follow-up to PBs previous book, ‘the silence of the girls.’i do have a feeling that some readers may find the c...

  • Paromjit

    Pat Barker picks up from The Silence of the Girls, giving continuing voice to the silenced women, after the Greeks have emerged victorious from the terrors of the war with the fall of Troy, with all t...

  • Charlotte May

    “Just pour the sodding wine and hope it chokes them.” Really enjoyed this second instalment. We join Briseis again, who is now married to Alcimus and carrying Achilles’ baby. She is treated dif...

  • Ellie Spencer

    After reading the first book in this series I was really excited to get stuck into this one, it did not disappoint.The Women of Troy follows the story of Briseis and the other women who are taken as s...

  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader

    Oh my gosh, I LOVED Pat Barker’s The Silence of the Girls, and I have been awaiting this follow-up, The Women of Troy. If you haven’t read The Silence yet, definitely read that one first because I...

  • Helena Paris

    I received this complimentary ARC from the publisher, courtesy of NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.A SEQUEL TO The Silence of the Girls!?!?!?!?! ALL OF MY WISHES HAVE COME TRUE!!!Briseis a...

  • Gumble's Yard - Golden Reviewer

    On the day Polxena died, I’d stood by Achilles’ burial mound and told myself that Achilles’ story had ended at the grace, and that my own story was about to begin. The truth? Achilles’ stor...

  • Lucy

    3***After reading book 1 of the Trojan War through the eyes of Briseis, I was excited to see that Pat Barker was also writing a sequel.Despite the war being over and the fall of Troy, the Greek armies...

  • Linda

    The Women of Troy examines the grim realities of Bronze Age slavery wherein the victors kill their opponent's men and enslave their women and children. It is the second book in Booker winner Pat Barke...

  • Roman Clodia

    These were men who'd been living on their nerves for years and now, when things should have been easy, they were frustrated because the longed-for journey home was continually postponed. Every day ...