Yummy: A History of Desserts

Yummy: A History of Desserts


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Cake is delicious and comics are awesome: this exciting non-fiction graphic novel for kids combines both! Explore the history of desserts through a fun adventure with facts, legends, and recipes for readers to try at home.

Have you ever wondered who first thought to freeze cream? Or when people began making sweet pastry shells to encase fruity fillings? Food sprite Peri is excited to show you the delicious history of sweets while taking you around the world and back!

The team-up that made ice cream cones!

The mistake that made brownies!

Learn about and taste the true stories behind everyone's favorite treats, paired with fun and easy recipes to try at home. After all, sweets--and their stories--are always better when they're shared!

Title:Yummy: A History of Desserts
Edition Language:English
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    Yummy: A History of Desserts Reviews

  • Frank Chillura (OhYouRead)

    I really love books like Yummy. It mixes things so many kids love, desserts and comics, with historical facts. Victoria Grace Elliott has done the research to teach us when and where different sweet t...

  • Paige Malone

    Such a ‘sweet’ little book on the history of desserts! My two favorite things! History and desserts! It was actually really informational and a fun read! I learned lots! ...

  • Jenn Sorenson

    We need more nonfiction graphic novels like this one. Engaging and fascinating in an easily digestible format....

  • Amanda [Novel Addiction]

    I can see why this was getting so much buzz - it's a fun history of different desserts, and will definitely appeal to young foodies. Includes step-by-step recipes, and food from around the world....

  • Alexx Burris

    kawaii + history + a chapter on gummis. I'm in....

  • Heather

    A very fun graphic novel with lots of interesting history and facts about desserts ...

  • Mollie

    DNF - I love desserts and comics, but this didn't work for me. I wish it was maybe a little more focused, or done as a more traditional nonfiction but with great illustrations. I'm glad this is clicki...

  • Theediscerning

    The history of iced desserts and ice cream, cake through the ages, brownies and where they came from – all are in this brash and breezy non-fiction graphic novel. While a lot was known to me, the ty...

  • D.T. Henderson

    “The desserts we enjoy aren’t ‘silver linings’ to the brutal horrors of slavery and colonization. Rather, to appreciate desserts in all their forms, we need to acknowledge the real history an...

  • Sesana

    Graphic novel food history! This couldn't possibly be more my thing. Dessert is a huge field to tackle, and Elliott does an admirable job of covering the history, development, and breadth of sweets. O...