The Science Of Porn – What Happens To Your Brain on Porn

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It’s safe to say that porn online or in magazines is very popular. Websites like XHamster and many others are thriving online. Did you ever know what happens to your brains when you are watching porn? Let’s have a look at what happens to your brain in a scientific way when you view porn sites.

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The Science Of Porn

Let’s say you have had a hard day and just want to relax with some good porn at a website like Pornhub. What exactly happens to your brain when you start to watch this sexual content? Some say that porn can trigger some dangerous changes chemically in the brain but new research says that this isn’t the case at all.

Many people that watch pirn simply have a very high sex drive and are driven more by desire than anything else. Young males have a very high sex drive and are often drawn to porn because that don’t have a girlfriend or a wife. Porn helps young men release their sexual energy.

There hasn’t been a lot of hardcore research into what happens to your brain in a physical sense when you watch porn. EEG studies have been done on those that watch a lot of porn. These EEGs many claimed would show the same things that cocaine addicts would show. Some researchers claim that porn is like cocaine for the brain but the results didn’t show this at all. The patients under the study had increased electrical brain responses to the erotic images but normal people who were not considered to be “sex addicts,” also showed this.

The study just indicated that people who watch porn and are excited by the images and video just have more sexual desire and a higher libido than those that don’t watch porn or have no interest in it. The “sex addicts” in the study had similar brain patterns after watching porn as regular people, with high sexual desire but were not considered to be sex addicts.

The studies didn’t showcase the fact that some people that view porn may also have personal sexual problems. Many people can be quite shy when it comes to sex and might turn to porn to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Others might look at porn to fulfill certain fantasies that they might not want to fulfill in real life or even have an interest in fulfilling they just find the thought of it to be sexually stimulating. Your brain really doesn’t change that much when viewing sites like XHamster. If you do feel you have a sexual problem, a therapist or doctor can probably help you.