Software corporations are racing to master the field of quantum computing. Quantum computers are expected to change AI, security, and the economy among other areas. Sadly, not all these changes will be what we hoped for.

Altering the AI Landscape

With its massive power, quantum computing will change every facet of artificial intelligence. AI will become faster and more reliable, especially in natural language processing. AI on a quantum computer has the potential to carry on a conversation with people and understand what is being said accurately.

This is because the more feedback AI receives, the more accurate it becomes. This feedback helps the program display real, human-like intelligence and perform better.

Quantum computers analyze huge volumes of data at the speed of light. Technology will create a huge impact in every industry. It will become possible to solve very complicated problems and create life-saving medicines.

Higher Energy Efficiency

One of the first consequences of having billions of mega-powerful computers would be synthesis of more energy-efficient materials, as well as financial modeling, weather forecasting, and other applications of AI.

Compromised Digital Security

Not all of quantum computing’s consequences are going to be positive. Quantum computer attacks can destroy the bulk of commonly used cryptography. This data is the basis of telecommunication, online banking, elections, and driverless cars among other things. Without this basic digital trust, democratic countries become vulnerable. Solutions for quantum-safe cryptography are in order.

Cyber-Security is Also at Risk

Another disadvantage of the vast capacity of quantum computing involves cyber-security. Societies will have to rethink the way commercial transactions and data transfer in general are carried out completely. If not, no data transfer will be safe! The good news is that quantum cyber-security is already rising to the challenge with advances like quantum safe algorithms, quantum key distribution, and true random numbers.